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Welcome to the homepage of the XVth EACS Conference!

The XVth Biennial Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS) will be held at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, from August 25 to 29, 2004.

The conference sets out to offer a platform for the presentation and discussion of recent research and new ideas in the entire range of Chinese studies. Scholars from Europe and beyond are invited to join us with their contribution to make the conference an occasion of lively scholarly exchange and innovation in European and international Chinese studies.

Registration: Wednesday, Aug. 25, 14.00-21.00 and Thursday, Aug. 26, 8.30-12.00 at the Institute of Chinese Studies (Akademiestr.4-8), 2nd floor, room No. 201.

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This conference is generously supported by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), the Förderkreis der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, and the Baden-Württembergische China-Gesellschaft.

Registration deadline: June 1, 2004 Heidelberg Conference: August 25-29, 2004: Timeline

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