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List of all participants with an individual presentation, or part of a panel or other form of presentation.

Allanic, Bernard The teaching of characters and reading comprehension proficiency Section i
Alleton, Viviane L'expression de la subjectivité en chinois mandarin: le verbe auxiliaire yao. Section a
Altenburger, Roland Thomas Water Myth in the Early White Snake Tradition: A Regional Re-Contextualization Section b
Andrs, Dusan Narrative Voice in Shi Tuo's Guoyuan cheng ji: Prose of the Republican Era and its Generic Characteristics Section b
Aresu, Alessandra Fixing gender boundaries: the production of gender and sexual difference in sex education materials. Section f
Arnold, Matthias Introducing digital resources. An online course in Chinese Studies. Section k
Assandri, Friederike Understanding double mystery: The Fo Dao lunheng (Buddhist-Taoist Controversies; T 2104) and Chongxuanxue Section h
Bai, Lanling Drama-Scripts (ju ben) and Literati (wen ren) in Ming-Dynasty. The Impact of Printing Technology on the Leisure Time of Chinese Literati Section k
Bandlow, Karen Mao beyond Warhol - The Image of Mao Zedong in the Art of Roy Lichtenstein and Wang Ziwei Section e
Barabantseva, Elena Chinese Nation-Negotiation in the Period of Modernisation Section k
Bastid-Bruguière, Marianne Education for migrant workers' children Section g
Bazhenova, Elena Stepanovna Developing of Western Regions as a Key to Chinese modernization Section g
Bech, Lene Sønderby Fiction as a Skilful Means Section b
Behr, Wolfgang What's in a pre-Qin name, again Section a
Bellassen, Joel Chair Section i
Berg, Daria D. Best/selling the Private World: Body Writing in Contemporary China Section b
Betz, Karin The Eastern Dwarfs re-visited: travelogues on Japan in the Late Qing Section b
Bockman, Harald The Re-emergence of Village Compacts (xiang gui min yue) in the Chinese Countryside Section d
Bofulin, Martina The "Promised Land" or just a stop on the way: The Chinese in Slovenia Section g
Borchard, Dagmar The long way to rule by law: The 2001 law on population and birth planning and the future of the one-child policy Section g
Borevskaya, Nina Yefimovna Efficiency versus Equity in Chinese education: who is the looser? Section g
Borokh, Olga Nikolaevna Changing the PRC Constitution: economic implications and scholarly debates Section g
Bossen, Laurel Bound Hand and Foot Section k
Brehm, Stefan Ulrich Implementing Global Standards in the People's Republic of China - The Case of Banking Regulation and Supervision [co-author] Section g
Breuer, Rüdiger Oral storytelling practices and patronage in the 17th century Section j
Bu, Wei Organizing for Stopping Domestic Violence against Women - New Role of Popular Theatre Troupe in Rural Areas in China Section f
Bumbacher, Stephan Peter A Buddhist sûtra's transformation into a Daoist text Section h
Cao, Qing Theoretical Issues in the Study of Western Representation of China Section k
Chan, Alex Wo Shun The origins of the discourse of public supervision and the turn to hegemony in the reform era Section k
Chang, Bi-yu Taming the Rebels: The Theatre and the State in Taiwan since 1980 Section j
Chao, Fang-yi The Establishment of the Verbal Classifier System in the Chinese Language Section a
Chen, Chao-jan Character-Sense Association: A Study on Automatic Sense Determination for Chinese V-V Compounds Young Scholar Award competition
Chen, Huaiyu A Practical Manual for New Monastic Bodhisattva Section h
Chen, Liana The Pleasure of Reading Performance:Imagistic Representations in Illustrations & Commentaries in_Shenyin jiangu lu_ Section j
Chen, Xiaomei Forgetting" the Cultural Revolution: Anthologizing Modern Chinese Drama in the 1990s Section j
Chen, Yin-Ling On the Grammaticalization of the Mandarin Verb YAO Section a
Cheng, Chung-ying Virtue and Law: A Confucian-Kantian Reflection on Mutuality and Complementarity Section h
Chou, Diana Yeongchau what did Buddhist monks buy?--some aspects of collecting Chinese paintings in the 13th and 14th cent Section e
Cristini, Remy The Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS) Section k
Dal Lago, Francesca Circular Messages/Mirror Images: an Analysis of Visual Propaganda Strategies in Cultural Revolution Posters. Section d
Damm, Jens Does the Internet open a Portal to the Post-modern Society? Section g
De Giorgi, Laura The Voice of China: Radio Broadcasting Propaganda of Nationalist China during the Resistance War Section d
De Rauw, Tom Bao Chang, biography of a famous monk Section h
De Togni, Monica Political participation at the turning of the time: self-government organs in Sichuan from late Qing to early Republic Section d
De Troia, Paolo The World-Map of Father Franceso Sambiasi (1582-1649) [co-author] Section c
Del Gobbo, Francesca On Chinese Relative Clauses and the Restrictive vs. Descriptive Distinction Section a
Desmet, Karen Mirjam Mauricette The Chronological Sequence of the Mohist Core Chapters: A New Approach Section h
Dessein, Bart Transmitting the word of the Buddha: Chinese interpretations of the Buddha's first sermon Section h
Di Toro, Anna An Analysis of the 'Kitajskaja grammatika' by N. Ja. Bičurin (1777-1853) Section a
Diefenbach, Thilo Physical Violence in Recent Chinese Literature Section b
Dorofeeva-Lichtmann, Vera Evaluation and Classification of the Shan hai jing in Chinese Official Historiography Section c
Du, Fangqin Developing Women's Studies at Universities in China: research, Curriculum and Institution Section f
Dudbridge, Glen chair Section c
Dunch, Ryan Christian Missionary Publications in Chinese to 1911: An Overview and Database Section k
Eifring, Halvor Sentimentality and Violence in The Red Chamber Dream Section b
Entenmann, Robert Linus Zhang Feng and Catholic Lay Evangelism in Eighteenth-Century Sichuan Section d
Falaschi, Isabella Ofelia An archeological and artistic study of the Song and Yuan theater Section j
Ferlanti, Federica Political choices in Wannian county: competition between the Nationalists and the Communists in Jiangxi province, 1927-1935 Section d
Feuillas, Stephane Was the Thought of Zhang Zai (1020-1078) rooted in the very word QI? Section h
Fleischle, Johannes The Development of Western China - Modernization without institutional change? Section g
Flitsch, Mareile Everyday Technologies in China - Material Culture Reconsidered Section k
Fong, Grace S. Conjoining Wealth and Talent in a Single Woman: Lü Bicheng and Print Media in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period Section b
Gálik, Marián The Bible and Modern Chinese Poetry of the Twentieth Century Section b
Gemegah, Helga Letters from Beijing: Davidson Black to Ales Hrdlicka - A Short Overview Section e
Gentz, Joachim The One Discourse that Pervades All. Concurrent Constructions of an Ideal Order in the Fight Between the CCP and the Falun gong Section h
Gentz, Natascha The "Cultural Revolution" in the Internet: a Revolution of the culture of memory? Section j
Gerritsen, Anne Discussant Section f
Gimpel, Denise Discussant Section f
Häse, Birgit Constructing concepts of cultural identity in Chinese historical films Section j
Heirman, Ann Florence The Chinese Samantapasadika and its school affiliation Section h
Heirman, Ann Florence The World-Map of Father Franceso Sambiasi (1582-1649) [co-author] Section c
Hester, Marianne Young people's attitudes to violence and sexual coercion in relationships in China Section f
Heubel, Fabian Between Consumer Culture and Literati Aesthetics - The Significance of the Wistaria Teahouse in Taipei, Taiwan Section d
Holbig, Heike Fragments of a language of political legitimation under Hu Jintao Section g
Hon, Tze-ki From Alchemy to Moral Metaphysics: Differing Meanings of "Song Learning" in the Diagram of the Great Ultimate Section h
Hong, Jeesoon Gendered Politics of Translation-A Comparative Reading of the Chinese and English Versions of Ling Shuhua's Short Stories Section b
Hooper, Beverley China's consumer revolution: Revisiting the 1980s Section g
Hopf, Iris Fashioning the Revolution: Worker's Blue and Army Green in Chinese Dress Practice of the 1960s~1970s Section k
Hsiung, Hui-ju Time Is A River:The Conceptual Metaphors Of Time In Mandarin Chinese Section a
Hsu, Elisabeth Medicine of moderation, or: the medicalisation of emotion in early Chinese medicine Section h
Hu, Xiaoling Chinese Texts in Electronic Form for Linguistic Analysis Project [co-author] Section a
Huang, Hong The Textbook Evaluation of the Original Laoqida: from the Point of View of Buziness Chinese Section i
Iaconello, Metella Midnight and the "Report to the Marxist Literary and Artistic Society": Mao Dun's alternative to the 'conterrevolutionary' May Fourth. Section b
Iljic, Robert Issues in modality: chinese hui Section a
Janku, Andrea A Precarious Mission: Famine and Christianity in China during the 1870s Section d
Jia, Jinhua The Split of the Hongzhou Lineage and the Rise of the Shitou Lineage during the Late Tang and Five Dynasties: Deconstructing the Traditional Genealogy Section h
Jiang, Ping A Corpus-Based Investigation of 3-tone Systems across Chinese Dialects Section a
Kadar, Zoltan Daniel The Powerful and the Powerless - A socio-pragmatic analysis of Chinese polite self-denigrating/speech-partner-elevating addressing Section a
Kaikkonen, Marja Black book, white book: Why a profitable book is a good book Section b
Kampen, Thomas Mr. Zhang and his memoirs - an American trained Chinese communist working for Soviet intelligence Section d
Kaske, Elisabeth Modern Schools, Confucian Classics and the Literary Revolution Section d
Katz, Sophia Life in the Fast Lane: Urban Verse in Taiwan Section b
Keulemans, Paize Listening to the Acoustic Spectacle in Jin Shengtan's "Outlaws of the Marsh": Storyteller Voice, Print-Culture, and the Rise of Vernacular Fiction in Late-Imperial Vernacular Fiction Section b
Khayutina, Maria Exile and Asylum in Ancient China According to the Data of the Chunqiu Chronicle and the Zuo zhuan Narrative. Section c
Kieser, Annette Traces of Chu in Shandong Section e
Kim, Nan-tsung Anna Single-wheeled carts: Explorations of a key vehicle in premodern Chinese transport systems Section k
Kirkova, Zornica Landscapes of Paradise in the Six Dynasties Poetry Section b
Klemm, Birte "Reverse Brain Drain": China's Returned Scholars Section g
Klöpsch, Volker From Observation to Examination: New Developments in Travel Literature (youji) of the Song Dynasty as seen in Fan Chengda's Wu chuan lu Section b
Klöter, Henning Missionary Linguistics in the 17th century: The Case of Southern Min Section a
Koen, Wellens Religion, kinship and politics on Tibet's eastern frontier Section d
Komissarov, Sergei Aleksandrovich On the beginning of nomadism in East Turkestan Section e
Krause, Carsten On the composition of Buddhist hagiographies: Hsüan-ch'ang on Harivarman Section h
Kuo, Chi-jeng Urban Modern Infrastructure and the Material Basis for the Social Formation of the Alleyway Houses of Shanghai Section d
Kupfer, Kristin Analysing spiritual/religious groups in the People's Republic of China (PRC) after 1978 Section h
Kwong, Connie, Ho Yee Border crossing: Structuralist Narratology and Chinese literary studies (1985-2000) Section b
Laamann, Lars Menacing priests: Agitation against eighteenth-century Christian clerics Section d
Lagerkvist, Johan Views from the Top: Will Electronic Governance Bring the Center and the Grassroots Closer together? Section g
Lau, Ulrich The scope of private jurisdiction in early imperial China: the evidence of newly excavated legal documents Section k
Lee, Yuen Ting Active or Passive Initiator: Cai Yuanpei's Admission of Women to Beijing University (1919-1920) Section f
Lehner, Monika Shaping images of China: The influence of migrant writers' autobiographical writings and "China-novels" on the general image of China Section k
Leibold, Michael Wang Tingxiang's (1474-1544) modification of the concept of Qi Section h
Leutner, Mechthild Research and Intercultural Cooperation of German Sinologists. The invention of Chinese history and culture. Section d
Li, Hongtao Organizing Intervention and Counselling for Victims of Violence within Marriage Section f
Li, Yunchung Monk Poets or Poet Monks? : A Study of the Self-Image of Guanxiu and Qiji Section b
Liang, Jun Facilitating the Establishment of Grassroots Women's Organizations Section f
Lien, Ling-ling Engendering Counter Culture: Saleswomen in Department Stores in Republican Shanghai Section f
Lin, Pei-Yin A Forgotten Canon?: Wu Mansha, Wind and Moon and Popular Literature in Taiwan's Japanese Period Section b
Liu, Jieyu Life Has To Go On: A Qualitative Study of Redundant Women Workers in Urban China Section f
Lo, Yuet-keung What is Song Learning After All? - The case of Liu Baonan's (1791-1855) "Correct Meanings of the Analects" Section h
Lomanov, Alexandre Vladimirovich Chinese culture and the Russian missionary effort Section h
Lomova, Olga Early Medieval Funerary Texts and Lyrical Poetry Section b
Löthman, Helena Women in Beijing Striving for Employment Section f
Loukitcheva, Polina A Some aspects of Dong Qi-chang's theory of painting. Section e
Lu, Sheldon Hsiao-peng The Cinema and TV Drama of Nostalgia: Re-imagining Chinese Socialism Section j
Lüdke, Michael The emergence of technical language in early China: law as a case study Section k
Lupke, Christopher M. Kicking the Habitus: Ritual, Refracted Memories, and Representability Among China's Elites Section b
Macht, Christian Implementing Global Standards in the People's Republic of China - The Case of Banking Regulation and Supervision [co-author] Section g
Major, Kornelia Who am I? Interaction beetwen past and present in recent works of Chen Yingzhen Section b
Malek, Roman Marginal, Official and Unofficial Religiosity. Section h
Masini, Federico Chair Section a
McLaughlin, Jamie Chinese Texts in Electronic Form for Linguistic Analysis Project [co-author] Section a
Mengoni, Luisa Elena Change and continuity in the mortuary assemblages of Pre-Imperial and Early Imperial Sichuan (V-I cent. BC) Section e
Meyer-Clement, Elena Party Reforms and Entrepreneurial Power - Institutional change under the impact of an evolving private-sector in the PRC Section g
Michael, Leibold Wang Tingxiang's (1474-1544) modification of the concept of Qi Section h
Middendorf, Ulrike Curiosity of the Senses: Perception Knowledge and Exploration in Early Chinese Philosophy Section h
Mielonen, Eevamaria Civil Servant Training in Law in the People's Republic of China Section d
Milwertz, Cecilia Nathansen Chair Section f
Mittag, Achim Discussant Section c
Mittler, Barbara Does money open all doors? Nightmares, Dreams, and Realities for New Women in Republican China Section b
Moghaddass Esfehani, Amir A Balancing Act: Chinese Cyclists in Early Twentieth Century Shanghai Section k
Moll-Murata, Christine Crafts and Craft Regulations in Peking During the Qing Dynasty Section c
Monschein, Ylva Water feeding Water: A New Type of Water Supply Associations in Rural China Section g
Muehlhahn, Klaus Time, Narrative and Self in Memoirs of the Cultural Revolution Section j
Mueller-Saini, Gotelind Chinese anarchism and "glocalization" Section d
Nagel-Angermann, Monique Historiography on the Sixteen states - A case study on the Zhang family of the Former Liang (317-376) Section c
Ng, On-cho Between Han and Song Learning: Classical Exegesis and Onto-Cosmological Revelations in the New Script Commentarial Tradition in 18th-century China Section h
Nyiri, Pál Dániel Mobility Extolled, Mobility Hindered: Migration, Tourism, and Cultural Authority Section g
Nyiri, Pál Dániel Mobility Extolled, Mobility Hindered: Migration, Tourism, and Cultural Authority Section g
Oberheitmann, Andreas The Dark Side of China's Increasing Economic Prosperity: Will Energy Consumption and Emissions Rise Dramatically? Section g
Olah, Csaba Rethinking on Ningbo incident (1523) in the light of official reports extant in Shuyu zhouzilu Section c
Olivova, Lucie Smoking: Social Attitudes to Tobacco in Qing China Section c
Ostrovskiy, Andrey Vladimirovich Internal Migration in China (by materials of the Population Census of the PRC 2000) Section g
Palmer, David A. The Religious Productions of Chinese Modernity Section h
Palmer, David A. Body Cultivation in Contemporary China Young Scholar Award competition
Paltemaa, Lauri An Anatomy of Democracy Warriors -Awareness, Progress and Heroism in the Beijing Democracy Movement Activists' Self-Image 1978-1980 Section d
Paoluzzi, Anna Maria Scapegoats and collective violence in three short stories by Wang Zhenhe Section b
Parmentier, Jan The World-Map of Father Franceso Sambiasi (1582-1649) [co-author] Section c
Paules, Xavier The opium smokers in Guangzhou during the 1930's Young Scholar Award competition
Pesaro, Nicoletta On the Expressive Forms of Theory of Fiction by Wenxue yanjiu hui Section b
Petrovcic, Mateja The particle de in Chinese noun phrases with several attributives Section a
Peyraube, Alain Chair Section a
Pfister, Lauren F. Considering the Meaning of 19th Century Ruist Monothistic Morality: Luo Zhongfan's Ruist Morality Book and its Historical Significance Section h
Pines, Yuri Qin and Zhou in the Shiji Section c
Pochagina, Olga Sex Industry in Contemporary China Section f
Pok, Marina Discussant Section f
Pollacchi, Elena Structures and modes of film production in contemporary China: changes, ruptures and new perspectives. Section j
Popova, Irina Fedorovna Women and Political Power in Tang China Section f
Portyakov, Vladimir Yakovlevich SARS Epidemic in the PRC Section g
Pozzi, Silvia About 'Gerenhua Xiezuo' and the Tendency towards Autobiographism in Chinese Contemporary Literature Section b
Romagnoli, Chiara The interpretation of Saussure's "Course in general linguistics" in China after 1985 Section a
Rovira-Esteva, Sara The Cognitive Perspective in Teaching Chinese Measure Words Section i
Saje, Mitja Letters and documents of Augustin Ferdinand Hallerstein Section c
Sak, Shih Nam (Dhammadipa) Anshigao's method of chaojing in the second century, in the light of the study of Buddhist 'Apocrypha' in China. Section h
Samarani, Guido chair Section d
Sargeson, Sally Grounds for Conflict: Contesting Rural Land Rights Reform in Globalising China Section g
Sausmikat, Nora What are indigenous women's studies? Disputes on the Chinese characteristics of women's studies Section f
Schaab-Hanke, Dorothee The crisis of "Spring and Autumn" as reflected in the Shiji chapter on the calendar Section c
Schäfer, Dagmar Discussing Qi as materia - Song Yingxing Section h
Schafferer, Christian The Role of Local Elections in the People's Republic of China and Taiwan: myths and realities Section k
Schimmelpfennig, Michael The Limits of Subcommentary Exegesis: The Subcommentaries to the Classic of Filial Piety (Xiaojing) by Sima Guang and Xiao Bing Section b
Seiwert, Hubert Discussant Section h
Sertoli, Alessandro High tides: Yu Hua's suibi's between literature and music Section b
Sieber, Patricia Performance, Print, and Translation: The Curious Trajectory of a Cantonese Ballad in Nineteenth-Century China and Europe Section j
Smith, Stephen Anthony Talking Toads and Chinless Ghosts: Reading Rumours in the People's Republic of China, 1961-65 Section d
Smolkova, Elena Modern problems of the Chinese educational market: study-abroad consulting services Section g
Soffel, Christian Doubts on the Zhongyong in the Late Southern Song Dynasty Section h
Solieri, Flavia The Military Administration System ("Junshi guanli zhidu") : Some Considerations on PLA's New Pattern of Military Urban Administration in 1948-1949 Section d
Spakowski, Nicola Chair Section f
Stafutti, Stefania The perception of "privacy": the case of Ruan Lingyu Section d
Standen, Naomi Discussant Section f
Statu, Nicolae Cristian Parsing Mengzi: An Empirical Study of the Syntax of Classical Chinese Section a
Steen, Andreas Preserving Tradition, Introducing New Media: Peking Opera and Gramophones in Late 1920s Shanghai. Section j
Storm, Carsten Arranged Spontaneity. Formal Aspects of Fictional Diaries. Section b
Struve, Lynn Confucian PTSD: Reading Trauma in a Chinese Teenager's Memoir of 1653 Section d
Sun, Huei-min Beyond Professional Recognition: The Struggle of Women Lawyers in Republican Shanghai Section f
Sun, Lam Some Difficulties in the Acquisition of Chinese Characters and the Use of Calligraphy as a "Therapy" Section i
Svarverud, Rune The discourse on national rights and obligations in late Qing periodicals Section d
Svensson, Marina Staged Authenticity in Chinese Villages: Reconstructing Rural Heritage in Zhejiang Section d
Tabery, Thomas Qi in the Thought of Wang Chong: Arguing against New Text Confucianism Section h
Tamburello, Giusi Poetry in translation:Chinese poetry of the Sixties. Section b
Teschke, Richard Literacy in the Eastern Zhou Section h
Thiriez, Regine The First Photographic Studio in Shanghai: Louis Legrand Section j
Thomas, Simona How do they drive the Internet? The target groups of automotive websites in the PRC Section g
Thorborg, Marina Eva Why is China choosing a gender discriminatory industrialization policy - a comparative view Section f
Thunø, Mette The Social Construction of a Chinese Pariah Group: the "fallen people" of Shaoxing Section d
Tiedemann, R. G. (Chair, Discussant) Section d
Torck, Mathieu Putting Chinese Scurvy on the Map: Chinese Ways of Dealing with Continental and Maritime Provisions Section c
Travagnin, Stefania Dasabhumika-vibhasa sastra in the Teachings of Master Yinshun. The Easy Path and the Difficult Path of Nagarjuna in Contemporary Taiwan. Section h
Tsai, Weipin Voices of Class Consciousness or Performances for a Readership? An Investigation of Shenbao's "Random Talk" Section d
Übelhör, Monika Chair Section f
Uroda, Andrey "Joint Educational Programs" in Universities of Russian Far East and Northeast China: a Successful Case of Internationalization? Section g
v. Dewall, Magdalena Archeology in China Studies - Pleading for the Significance of the Insignificant Section e
Vallesin, Fabiana FDI Evolution and Regional Development: Improving Investment in Western China Section g
Vampelj Suhadolnik, Natasa Cosmological elements in Chinese imperial tombs from Qin to Han dynasty Section e
van Els, Paul Categorizing Warfare: A Comparison of Taxonomies of War in the Wuzi, Wenzi and Huangdi sijing Section h
van Ess, Hans Some remarks regarding the treatise on music in the Shih-chi Section c
Veg, Sebastian Lu Xun's anti-romanticism in "Wandering" Section b
Vitiello, Giovanni Tracing the Boundaries of Masculinity: The Representation of the Libertine in Ming-Qing Erotic Fiction Section f
Vogel, Hans Ulrich The Peking Mints during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Administrative, Economic, and Social Problems Section c
Volland, Nicolai Trust, Responsibility, Control: Reflections on Methods of Censorship in the PRC Section g
von Senger, Harro Stratagem prevention through law in the People's Republic of China (PRC) Section k
Wagner, Lothar The new man of the Ming dynasty Section c
Wagner, Rudolf G. The Size and Shape of a Thought in Early China Section h
Walsh, Eileen Rose From the Center to the Border - Chinese Tourists on Their Periphery Section g
Weber, Ian SARS, Youth and Online Civic Participation in China Section g
Weightman, Frances Venting indignation: compulsive writing and the authorial stance Section b
Welter, Albert The Role of Song Literati in Defining Chan Buddhism Section h
Weng, Chuan-Hui The Grammaticalization of Taiwanese Hoo Section a
Wenzel, Claudia A matter of media? Aniconisation in Buddhist art from about 555 to 670 Section e
Winter, Marc The 19th Century Backlash Against Han Learning Section h
Wong, Lawrence Wangchi A Very Different Nanlai zuojia Story: Ye Lingfeng in Hong Kong and his Hong Kong zhanggu Section b
Wong, Lee-fong "New Taiwan's son/daughter": Multi-culture issue of childhood nurturing Section d
Wright, Tim The Performance of China's State-Owned Enterprises: A Coal Industry Perspective Section g
Wu, Xiujie Bound in Olden Days. Current Attitudes of Elderly People Toward New Technology in the North China Countryside. Section k
Xu, Man The Issue of "Inner and Outer" concerning Song Women: A Case Study of Zhu Xi's Works Section f
Yan, Shoucheng Spiritual Transformation of the World through Inner Alchemy: An Idea Expounded by Wang Fuzhi and Min Yide Section h
Yang, Lan Towards Modernity: A Linguistic Perspective of Post-Cultural Revolution Chinese Literature Section b
Yeh, Catherine Vance The Rise of Peking Opera Singer to National Star and the Transformation of the Beijing Patronage Culture (1890s-1920s) Section j
Yi, Lin Social-Cultural Citizenship and Schooling in Multiethnic Northwest China Section g
Zachmann, Urs Matthias "The Foreign Element": Japanese Reactions to the Rise and Fall of the Hundred Days Reform, 1898 Section d
Zamperini, Paola Forbidden Games. Women, Gambling, and Sexuality in late Qing Shanghai Section b
Zhang, Mei Rural -urban migration and rural development in China Section g
Zhang, Xudong Chair, Discussant Section j

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