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XV EACS Conference
Heidelberg, August 25-29, 2004

The XV Biennial Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies will be held on August 25-29, 2004 in Heidelberg, Germany. The Institute of Chinese Studies in Heidelberg is proud to have been chosen as the venue and will do its utmost to make the conference a success for European and international Chinese Studies.

The conference has the purpose

  • to present the best and most innovative of recent research across the spectrum of Chinese Studies from archaeological to political science approaches, from phenomena in the distant past to those of the present day, from China’s global interaction to local developments;
  • to foster exchange and cooperation across national and disciplinary, methodological and generational borders;
  • to encourage young scholars to strive for academic excellence by offering an award for the best scholarly study by a China scholar under 35, together with a platform to present the research results to the Conference. For more information, see Young Scholar Award.

Scholars are invited and encouraged to submit proposals for panels or individual talks to be presented at the Conference. Senior scholars are strongly encouraged and kindly invited to seriously consider submitting proposals themselves, and to actively alert young scholars of promise in their institutions to the upcoming conference, and to encourage them to submit proposals.

Scholars presenting their research at the Conference have to be members of the EACS if they are European residents. Scholars from outside Europe are very welcome to submit proposals as guests without mandatory membership in the EACS. For young scholars with an M.A. degree working on their doctorate, a recommendation letter from their Ph.D. supervisor should be sent to the EACS-Team by either the supervisor or the applicant. It will then be forwarded to the referee in charge.

As a rule, a panel should join together participants from more than one institution and country. A panel proposal consists of the names and degrees of the participants (maximum four excluding the organizer if not among those presenting a paper, and the discussant), titles of their papers, and abstracts (length no more than 1500 characters or about 250 words) together with an outline of the panel’s overall purpose. A discussant may be added and one of the participants should be entrusted to chair the panel. The proposal for an individual presentation consists of the name and degree of the author, the title of the presentation, and an abstract of max. 1500 characters (about 250 words). Both should have a maximum of three key words following the title(s) with the first being that of one of the sections defined by the EACS board (see below). Proposals of contributions in alternative formats are strongly encouraged; the organization committee should be contacted.

Accepted languages for the EACS conference are English and Chinese. Presenters are strongly encouraged to use English. If this is not possible, please make sure to present an English abstract and a handout. The abstract should indicate the language in which the paper will be presented.

The basic form of submission is electronic via the Paper Submission & Login page on the conference homepage at www.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/eacs2004. In exceptional cases proposals in printed form are also accepted. These should be sent to:

Institute of Chinese Studies
University of Heidelberg
Akademiestr. 4-8
D-69117 Heidelberg, Germany.

The extended deadline for submissions is March 10, 2004.

For suggestions about writing such a proposal and for technical details see the How to...? section.
A forum is provided on the conference website as a way to look for possible co-panelists or get into contact with other conference participants.

The proposals will be forwarded by the Organization Committee to the referees responsible for the field specified by the submitters. The referees will evaluate them on the basis of scholarly quality and innovative potential. An effort will be made to give feedback on those proposals, which contain promising aspects but might need substantial improvements before being accepted.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by April 15, 2004. The presenters of proposals which have been accepted are required to register and pay the Conference Fee by the registration deadline, which is June 1, 2004. Conference fees are € 50.00 for regular members and € 25.00 for students (Student ID has to be provided). Failure to meet the registration deadline will result in the withdrawal of the acceptance.

China scholars not wishing to submit proposals are kindly invited to join us in this conference to engage in critical dialogue with the speakers, meet colleagues, and inform themselves first-hand about the state of the field. EACS membership is not required. Registration deadline is June 1, 2004. The registration should be done on-line at the Conference web-site.

Eleven sections have been defined by the EACS Board:

a. Linguistics and Languages (classical and modern)
b. Literature (classical and modern)
c. Pre-modern History and Society
d. Modern History and Society
e. Art and Archeology
f. Women and Gender Studies
g. Contemporary Economy and Society
h. Religion and Philosophy
i. Teaching Chinese Language
j. Performing Arts
k. Other

The following referees (to be updated if necessary) have been nominated by the EACS Board:

Wolfgang BEHR (Bochum)
Joel BELLASSEN (Paris)
Maghiel van CREVEL (Leiden)
Bart DESSEIN (Gent)
Redouane DJAMOURI (Paris)
Glen DUDBRIDGE (Oxford)
Lothar von FALKENHAUSEN (Los Angeles)
Natascha GENTZ (Frankfurt)
Christian HENRIOT (Lyon)
Michel HOCKX (London)
Mechthild LEUTNER (Berlin)
Alexander LOMANOV (Moscow)
Andrey OSTROVSKI (Moscow)
Guido SAMARANI (Venice)
Nora SAUSMIKAT (Duisburg)
Nicola SPAKOWSKI (Berlin)
Stefania STAFUTTI (Torino)
SUN Lam (Braga)
Hans VAN ESS (Munich)
Rudolf WAGNER (Heidelberg)
Roderick WHITFIELD (London)
Tim WRIGHT (Sheffield)

The Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg, has developed into a major resource center. Next to a large and multilingual monograph section (including Ph.D.s and many specialized collections), it has a very fine set of about 1500 Chinese or China-related films (on VHS and VCD/DVD), very sizable holdings of Chinese-language or China-related newspapers and periodicals (about 4000 titles), and a growing number of fulltext databases, including Wenshi ziliao, Siku quanshu, Fuyin baokan ziliao (with the index), China Academic Journals (CAJ), Early Scholars and Journals, etc. The collection has developed into a hybrid library where an increasing amount of resources will be directly accessed in digital form. The on-line accessible catalogue integrates the different materials independent of their format. More information on the Heidelberg Institute will be found at the web-site.

The Heidelberg Institute has one of the eight European libraries selected by the EACS Board to which travel grants are available through a fund provided by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange and administered by the EACS. It is suggested that especially younger scholars combine their participation at the EACS conference with a research visit to the Heidelberg library by coming a few days earlier or leave a few days later. This will allow them to make the best of the occasion and qualify for Library Travel Grant assistance to cover some of their conference expenses.

Please consult the conference website for further information or contact the organization committee.

Young Scholar Award

We are happy to announce the EACS Young Scholar Award (YSA), whose purpose it is to encourage research on Chinese studies among young scholars, and to enable young scholars to attend the EACS biennial conference.

Eligibility: The candidates for the YSA should be 35 years of age or below AND their current rank should be below that of Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer or relevant ranks in other systems.
There will be 3 to 5 nominees every two years. Nominees will be given subsidies (travel cost, per diem expenses and registration fee) to attend the EACS biennial conference where their papers will be presented during a special session organised specifically for that purpose. The author of the best paper will win the YSA and will be honoured during the conference in the form of a certificate. In principle, only members of EACS are eligible to compete for the Award. However, to encourage young scholars who have not yet become members, the requirement will be temporarily waived.

Only single-author papers will be accepted. Each applicant may submit only one paper in either English or Chinese, of a maximum of 25 pages, with a one-page abstract. Five copies of the paper and abstract are required, one with the author's full name, institution, and address, and the other four without. Works submitted will not be returned. Applicants who encounter financial difficulties in preparing and mailing five copies of their work may contact the Secretary of EACS. If their application is approved, they will be asked to mail one copy of their paper, and EACS will cover the costs of preparing the other copies.

Deadline for submission of both abstracts and papers is 30th April, 2004. Proof of age and rank should be provided at the time of submission.

If you have any question concerning the Young Scholar Award please refer to:

Prof. Olga Lomova
Institute of East Asian Studies
Charles University
Celetna 20
Prague 1, Czech Republic
Fax: +420 224491423

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