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Note on eqipment

A note on the equipment for presentations:

All venues are equipped with an overhead projector, a standard English Windows 2000 machine, and a beamer. In some venues additional equipment is available. All presentations for which additional equipment has been ordered are placed at the respective venue. The Organization Team cannot guarantee the availability of additional equipment NOT indicated beforehand.

If you wish to show digital presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) or digital images, please make sure your data is on a CD-ROM that works. We also strongly recommend that you arrive early and copy your files to the provided computer. You may also verify if everything is arranged properly at the registration upon your arrival in Heidelberg.

In case you are going to make use of any special features, like using non-embedded characters, Chinese software, special programmes, Apple Macintosh files, etc., we strongly recommend that you use your own laptop for the presentation.

See also: Note to speakers

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