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Museums & Local Sites

The city's most famous site is definitively Heidelberg Castle. You can't leave Heidelberg without having climbed the stairs up to the castle! - But even if you don't feel like walking - there is no excuse: take the bus and you will enjoy the fabulous view.

Start your Heidelberg tour from the University square and take a look at the Old University with the University Museum and the Student's prison. The city is small enough to walk around and explore the particular atmosphere of the old town.
Try this little tour around the city centre.

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In case the weather is not like spending much time outside, think of visiting one (or even more) of Heidelberg's Museums. Since Heidelberg has a great variety of museums you will certainly find an interesting place to spend some time. Most of the museums are located along the Hauptstraße or within walking distance of the Altstadt (city centre), only the Prinzhorn Collection is in opposite direction.

Historical aspects of Heidelberg
Apart from the exhibitions in the Old University, the University Library and the Student's Prison a good address for those interested in history is the Kurpfälzisches Museum (Museum of the Palatinate). The archeological branch exhibits among other things the heritage of the homo erectus heidelbergensis. Furthermore it's worth a visit because this museum covers the history of Heidelberg from the Middle Ages up to the 20th century.
For those interested in history and politics: the birth house of Germany's first President of the Weimar Republic, the Friedrich-Ebert-Haus (in German only), not only shows the living circumstances of this great politician, it also gives an insight view in the life of that time.

The Prinzhorn Collection has an astonishing collection of works of insane artists and the Museum Haus Cajeth (in German only) presents a private collection of "primitive art of the 20th century". And last not least, the Heidelberger Kunstverein (Heidelberg Art Club, in German only), situated in the building complex of the Palatinate Museum, hosting contemporary art on three floors.

The Documentation and Cultural Center of the German Sinti and Roma presents and preserves the more than 600 years of history of the Sinti and Roma in Germany. A particular emphasis has been laid on the national socialist crime of genocide which for decades was kept hidden from the public consciousness.
The Völkerkundemuseum, Heidelberg's ethnological museum, hosts a permanent exhibition on the Asmat in New Guinea.
The rooms of Heidelberg Castle also lodge the German Pharmaceutical Museum and the wine barrel room Großes Fass (the world´s largest wine barrel big enough to have its own dancefloor on top).
The unique German Museum of Packaging is a funny, colorful collection of product packaging.

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Heidelberg's churches often host concerts and sometimes even exhibtions. Keep an eye on concert announcement when visiting the houses of God.

Erlöserkirche Church of Our Saviour 

Heiliggeistkirche Holy Ghost Church 
Hauptstr. 189 | 06221-2 11 17
service: Sunday 11.00
A visit of this church is recommended because of its fabulous stain glass windows

Jesuitenkirche Jesuits Church 
Merianstraße 2 | 06221-9 00 80
Due to restauration work the parts of the church might be still closed. If so you can take a look at these pictures instead.

Peterskirche St. Peter's Church 
Plöck | 06221-16 32 30
service: Sunday 10.00
It's the University's church and the service is hold by members of the Theological Seminar

Providenzkirche Providence Church 
Hauptstr. / Ludwigstr.

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Most of the listed houses play in German, but while exploring Heidelberg keep an eye on the announcements; concerts are often hold in churches and students' plays are on stage everywhere in the town and in different languages as well ...

Theater der Stadt Heidelberg [homepage]    
Theaterstraße 4 | 06221-58 20 00
ticket box: Mon- Sat 11 - 13 and 18 - 20 ; Sun 16 - 18

Kinder- und Jugendtheater Zwinger 3 [homepage]
Zwingerstr. 3-5 | 06221-58 20 00
Its name sounds like there are only plays on for the young but that's not true, have a look at their homepage

Zimmertheater [homepage]  
Hauptstraße 118 | 06221-2 10 69
ticket box Mon - Sat 11 - 13 & 18 - 20, Son 16 - 18
This theater is located in a resident's home. The stage and the audiance are located on the second floor, you feel like sitting in someone's living room ...

Karlstorbahnhof [homepage]
Am Karlstor 1 | 06221-97 89 11
Here you get independent culture! Karlstorbahnhof, a former train station, now is a platform for concerts, movies, cabaret, political discussions and the like

taeter theater [homepage]  
Bergheimerstr. 147 | 06221-16 33 33

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Gloria/ Gloriette  
Hauptstr. 146 | 06221-2 53 19
Here you can watch undubbed movies with German subtitles, screens independent cinema
what's on?

Karlstorbahnhof [homepage]
Am Karlstor 1 | 06221-97 89 11
Here you get independent culture! Karlstorbahnhof, a former train station, now is a platform for concerts, movies, cabaret, political discussions and the like

Harmonie/ Lux  
Hauptstr.110 | 06221-2 20 00
Plays mostly Hollywood´s mainstream blockbusters
what's on?

Studio Europa  
Rohrbacher Str. 71 | 06221-2 56 00
Plays a mix of the theaters above
what's on? 

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