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You should consider to extend your stay in Heidelberg/Germany and enjoy the beauty of our country. The suggestions given here are all worth a day trip. Nevertheless, for destinations where we think spending some morning hours or an afternoon is enough we proudly invented a new category: the half day trip. All destinations are historically interesting but also very pleasant to the eye and sometimes impressive simply because of size. Some of them are even listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
All the places can be reached by public transportation (in German only) or train (all train-links refer to the English query mask of Deutsche Bahn AG). Buses should run at least three times an hour and direct trains every two hours, sometimes more often.

Dilsberg [city homepage in German only]  half day trip    
The old fortress of Dilsberg can be seen from far away. The building formely used for military purposes now serves as a cultural centre. Its doors are open for interested visitors.
Getting there and away: from Bismarckplatz it takes about 45 min to get there. The ride along the Neckar valley is worth the time. Take bus no. 752 to Mückenloch (HD-Dilsberg schedule, pdf-file | Dilsberg-HD schedule, pdf-file), get off at "Dilsberg - Abzw. Mückenloch" and walk towards the fortress. One way costs 3 €.

Schwetzingen [city homepage in German only] half day trip     
Known as the town of asparagus and famous for its castle. When the weather is fine enjoy the castle gardens. After days of intellectual work you surely relax in this green oasis close to Heidelberg.
Getting there and away:from the main station it takes about 30 min. to get there. Take bus no. 717 just in front of the main station, get off at "Schwetzingen Schlossplatz" just in front of Schwetzingen's castle. One way costs 3 €.

Speyer [city homepage]  half day trip    
The city's main attraction is definitely the Speyer Cathedral. In 1981 it was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Treasures as one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture. Its crypt is the resting place of a dozen German emperors, kings and queens. Also take a look at the Historical Museum of the Palatinate and the Jewish bath house which is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe.
Getting there and away:the trip takes about 30 min by train and costs 6.70 €. In Speyer take one of the city buses - they run every 10 min. - just in front of the station - and get off at "Domplatz"; one ride costs 1 €.

Ladenburg [city homepage in German only] half day trip   
Ladenburg is a small town that maintained its historical face, from the Romans to the present. The visitor will be fascinated by the mixture of intricately entwined building constructions from all periods of time gone by - especially since the houses (once home to nobles and regular citizens from the 15th and 16th century), as well as the city wall from the 12th century are in impressively good condition. The Lobdengau museum houses an excellent collection of local artefacts that testify to the Roman times and the Roman religion. Another attraction is Carl Benz Museum, the former residence of ingenious inventor Carl Benz.
Getting there and away: the trip takes about 15 min. by train.
One way costs 3 €.

Worms [city homepage] day trip    
Worms is well known for different reasons. Some may remember this town as the former capital of the Nibelungen, others associate it with reformer Martin Luther. While in Worms you should not miss two places: the mighty St. Peter's Cathedral and Europe's oldest Jewish cemetry. Worms preserves the over 1000 years of Jewish heritage in the country. Here you also find Germany's oldest synagogue.
Getting there and away: the trip takes about 60 min., you have to change trains in Mannheim. One way costs 6.70 €.

Maulbronn Monastery day trip    
Maulbronn monastery is one of the best preserved medieval monasteries north of the Alps. All schools of architecture and periods of development, from Romanesque to Late Gothic, can be see here under one roof. Since December 1993 Maulbronn has been registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
Getting there and away: the trip takes one hour and 15 min. First take the train to Mühlacker and then the bus to Maulbronn, get off at "Altes Stadtbad". Buy the "Baden-Württemberg-Ticket", it costs 21.50 € but is valid for 5 persons.

Lorsch Abbey day trip    
Lorsch Abbey was not only in Carolingian times but also a few centuries later one of the most influential centres of cultural and religious life in Southern Germany. The admission to the heritage list of the UNESCO in 1991 shows the importance of this historical edifice of early medieval times.
Getting there and away: the trip takes one hour, you need to change trains in Bensheim. One way costs 6.70 €.

Bad Wimpfen [city homepage - in German only] day trip    
Here you can experience the past and enjoy the present. The Kaiserpfalz Imperial Palace is the greatest Stauffer palace north of the Alps. Its medieval fortifications and the old abbey buildings will impress even you. Exploring the old treasures can be exhausting, therefore keep in mind that Bad Wimpfen with natural saline springs might be a good completion of your sightseeing. From 28th to 29th of August you have the chance to experience the medieval festival of Bad Wimpfen.
Getting there and away: this trip takes about 50 min. by train.
One way costs 8.40 €.

If you want to see more... Try these daytrips around Heidelberg and have also a look for other destinations in Baden Württemberg or along the historical Castle Road.

Last update: Mar 18, 2004 (MHA, OLR)

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