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Commentary: Is the CCP truly against corruption?
"China Complaint Net" Captures Public Distaste

By Zhao Dagong
Translated by The Epoch Times
Jul 28, 2004

The recent appearance of "China" ( has caught the attention of many overseas Chinese because they are curious about its background and motivations.

One of the headings on the main page of the website used to contain the words: "To suit the urgent needs of the central government, the world largest feedback collecting website was established in China,?followed by a very long subtitle: "To suit the needs of the central government, China was established to be a public opinion collection system and a powerful social security warning system. It will directly supervise the situation for all levels of government officials.?The words "suit the urgent needs of the central government" have been changed to "suit the urgent needs of society."

Some people doubt if it is really supported by the Chinese central government. Why does it dare to use such words as, "suit the urgent needs of the central government?" Letís consider this together: What are the real functions for all organizations of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese government and the judicial and public security systems? What can they do? Why canít the Chinese Communist Party use the partyís organizations or the government system to collect feedback from people? Why do they resort to collecting feedback from the public through a non-official website?

On July 12, an Asia Times Online report titled, "Mysterious Website, Possibly Receiving Support From High Level Officials, Uncovers Corruption In China" pointed directly to "China" The website defines itself as, "the public opinion collecting system and social security warning system," and forecasts that "a new milestone will be established for people to supervise the government officials." The author of the report also guessed that president of China, Hu Jintao, right now was supporting the activities to establish a "democratic electronic bulletin." (Editorís note: Other newspaper sources such as Asia Times are using the term, ďMessage-Board Democracy.?/i>

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