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Young female writer Muzimei caused a lot of debate on the Chinese Web and in the media after publishing her erotic diary online. Although the original Web-log was removed after all the negative publicity, it had by then already appeared on several other websites. Her writings were published around the same time, but the book was officially banned by Chinese officials.

Downloaded material

Muzimei's page on BlogCN after her publications have been removed.
Downloaded on 10 December 2003.

《遗情书》, Muzimei's erotic diary, as published on Sina.com.cn
Downloaded on 10 December 2003.

Comments by readers on Sina.com.cn.
Downloaded on 10 December 2003.

More related articles

'The government thinks sex is dirty. I don't' by Marcus Gee in The Globe and Mail (Canada, 23 October 2004).
Interview with Muzimei, with translations from her diary. An article on sexual revolution in China.
Downloaded on 26 October 2004.

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