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The Big Lecture Hall on Literature 文学大讲堂

This site was chosen for archiving for several reasons.

Firstly, it was – until recently – one of the most active Chinese literature-related sites on the Internet. It is part of the Beijing University Internet site and presumably was supported by BU financially and technically.

Contributors to the site included some of China’s finest poets (such as Bei Dao 北岛, Sun Wenbo孙文波, Zhai Yongming 翟永明 and Bai Hua 柏桦) and novelists (such as Can Xue 残雪), as well as critics and lecturers (such as Hong Zicheng 洪子城). All the most recent, happening events involving poetry and fiction were covered in some detail in relevant articles and reports, as well as in organized forums in the site’s chat-room.

However, for reasons as yet unknown as I now write (Dec. 12, ’03), no new documents or other changes have been made to the site since September 28, 2003. The related chat-room still functions, however.

Hopefully, this situation has a technical cause and will be resolved in the short-term. However, if there are financial and/or political reasons, the site may never be revived to its former state – ergo it is archived here.

This site was more-or-less on the side of “intellectual” poetry in the polemic alluded to in the introduction.

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