www.koopee.net (果皮村Fruit Peel Village)

This is what remains (and that’s a lot) of 橡皮(Eraser), one of the most active and interesting avant-garde poetry and fiction web sites on the Chinese net. Possibly for budgetary reasons, Eraser went off the net in late 2003 – just as I began to get into this archiving gig. I believe that financing is at least partially provided by the former poet, now literary entrepreneur Wan Xia 万夏of Sichuan. Luckily Eraser was working together with Fruit Peel and, therefore, the Eraser chat-room and fiction forum still exist here. You will also find all the back issues of the Eraser web-mag, as well as other poetry and fiction web-mags put out by Fruit Peel, which seems to be operated by the Sichuan poet Wu Qing 乌青. Yang Li 杨黎 and He Xiaozhu 何小竹, former members of Not-Not 非非, are the principal contributors to this site, although there is much work by several well-regarded younger poets, including Wu Qing. There are also several e-books of poetry available on the site. Given the problems with Eraser, I believe it is of value to archive this site, or what’s left of it, now.

Eraser works closely with the Them 他们 website, and poets found on these sites are strong supporters of the poetry “among the people” stance in the polemic described in the Introduction to this part of DACHS.

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