Spirit Stone Island 灵石岛

This site is the closest thing to a portable digital library of Chinese poetry that can be found on the internet.

The site was established in 1999 and was the most active and best funded of poetry sites in China at the time. During the time when it was active (roughly two-three years), the site was able to collect and store nearly 4,000 modern Chinese poems and over 90,000 classical poems, as well as translations into Chinese of over 3,000 foreign language poems. Also stored here are 275 important critical essays in the Chinese language on both classical and modern Chinese poetry.

The site still exists on the internet at this time (Dec, 2003), but has been experiencing increasing technical difficulties over the past several months. Again, given the financial and technical difficulties in keeping such a site as this on the Internet in China, this very valuable resource should be archived and preserved for all scholars who do not wish to travel with a paper library, but wish access to this digital one.

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