Nanjing Pinglun

Nanjing Critiques (南京评论)

This site has been inactive since 15 March 2003, although it's chatroom is still in operation. Essentially the site is an online version of a magazine by the same name published out of Nanjing University, only there is far more literature here than in the former paper magazine.

The site was managed by Shou Sou 瘦叟 and the magazine, of which there are six issues here, was edited primarily by Huang Fan 黄梵, with the assistance of Shou, Wu Chenjun 吴晨骏, and Yu Bang 育帮. Most of these individuals are both novelists and poets who claim to be members of the "middle generation" 中间代, poets and novelists of which feature prominently in the magazines. Well known older poets, such as Che Qianzi 车前子and Xiao Hai 小海 were also occasional contributors. The magazine also has high-quality sections devoted to literary criticism and translation, including articles by Zhang Taozhou 张桃洲and Cang Er 苍耳.

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