Poem Life

Poem Life 诗生活

This site was established in 2000 and has been the most active and eclectic poetry site on the Internet in China since that time. The site is operated out of Shenzhen and managed by the poets Lai Er 莱耳 and Sang Ke 桑克.

On this site can be found thousands of contemporary poems contributed by the site’s regulars and many other special outside contributors, such as Zhou Lunyou 周伦佑. The site also has a large stable of commentators and critics and hundreds of their articles; Yang Chunguang 杨春光, Zhao Siyun 赵思运, Wang Jiaxin 王家新, Yan Li 严力, Mu Duo 木朵, Chen Zhongyi 陈仲义, Han Dong 韩东and Yang Li 杨黎are just a few of the well-known names to be found here.

The Poemlife magazine is one of the best available and manages to produce monthly editions, and there are links to other worthy Internet magazines, including Wings () the women-only poetry magazine. An up-to-date catalogue of events and news in China’s world of poetry is also kept here.

However, in recent days the site has been the center of attention in a court case in Taiyuan. In January 2002, the name of an allegedly corrupt official was listed in a report posted from another location onto the website, and that official has filed suit for defamation of character asking for 500,000 Yuan in damages. The trial began in early April 2004, and is the first in China related to website hosting responsibilities of this nature.

(The archived PoemLife is not yet available, please be patient)