Them 他们

This site is a continuation of the unofficial poetry journal by the same name which was published out of Nanjing between the years 1985-1994. The editor of the paper journal had been Han Dong 韩东, but now those duties have been passed on to others. Aside from Han, other well-known Tamen poets are still involved with this site and its web-magazine (Xiaohai 小海, Yu Xiaowei 于小韦, etc.). The first web-magazine appeared in August 2002 and is now (Apr. 2004) into its ninth issue. There is also a very lively chat-room and a number of e-books by various poets are available. The group is apparently acting as a very loose collective, with editors from outside Nanjing and Tamen also taking part. Here is a list of the editors for the web magazine to date: Liu Ligan 刘立杆, Zhu Qinghe 朱庆贺, Wu Ang 巫昂, Jin Haishu 金海曙, Zhao Zhiming 赵志明, He Xiaozhu 何小竹, Cao Guan 曹冠, Li Li 李黎, and Li Hongqi 李红旗.

This site is still operational, but the increasing value of it requires that it be archived just in case something should happen. There are close links between this site and that of Eraser 橡皮, of which He Xiaozhu is a key member. The poets on both these sites are leading advocates of poetry “among the people” in the ongoing polemic mentioned in the introduction to this section of DACHS.

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