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Digital Archive for Chinese Studies
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Archived Websites on Homosexuality in China

  • 第二届北京(中国)同性恋电影节 (www.bglff.org)
    Official Website of the 2nd Beijing Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, which was held from 22-24 April 2005, with a second round from 1-7 May 2005. This site was downloaded afterwards, and also contains photos that were taken during the festival.
    Downloaded on 13 July 2005.

  • 燕南社区 - 同人物语 (bbs.yannan.cn)
    This discussion board is a continuation of 同人物语 as it existed on bbs.beida-online.com (北大在线 - 新青年) until early 2002. This new forum is up and running on bbs.yannan.cn. Downloads will be regularly updated.
    Downloaded on 17 August 2005.

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